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Adhesive Coating – wide range of adhesives with or without a carrier for your specific application are available and can be applied to sheets with a removable double sided differential backing paper.

Die Cutting – Automated, Semi-Automated and Manual Hydraulic Presses deliver high quality performance die cuts with or without adhesive backing to your particular technical design and specifications.

Kiss Cutting – Gaskets and Strip supplied with precision cutting that cuts through the material and not the adhesive backing paper.

Strip – Strip is available in a wide range of materials, thicknesses and widths with or without adhesive.

Laminations – the mechanical or adhesive bonding of materials to suit numerous applications.

Routering – mechanical router to form and shape various inserts for cases, online packaging to your specification.

Insulation Tape – Adhesive backed insulation foam tape used in the Air-conditioning Industry

Extrusions – EPDM Rubber Extrusions